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Purpose of JJ Foundation

  • To stimulate and promote thought and effort towards Education, Research and Educational Consultancy in broad fields.
  • To develop objectives and standards keeping in line with the dynamic environment around the globe in the fields of education, research and consultancy.
  • To undertake steps for skill development to overcome structural unemployment.

JJ Foundation Vission for the Nation

  • While COVID 19 has leashed havoc all over the world, it is time to get back on our feet and Rebuild the Nation.
  • JJ Foundation follows the tenet. Educate - Enable -Empower and we propose to Rebuild the Nation by creating 5 Centers of Excellence in the Country.
  • As the founding family of IMM India, our experience of running the Institution established 52 years ago, gives us the impetus to spearhead this noble initiative of Rebuilding the Nation.

JJ Foundation Pledge To Build The Nation - Post Covid

  • Fund Raising for Creating Centers of Excellence
  • To help/aid/support existing institutions in the areas of Management, Fine Arts, Medical, Technical, Design, etc.
  • To refurbish, remodel, revive, relaunch these institutions as Center's of Excellence
  • Reuse existing Infrastructure to promote Recycling, Sustainability & Enviroment Protection
  • No new construction activities
  • To provide livelihood to manpower of existing institutions
  • Employment generation
  • To build India's Intellectual Capital who inturn will build the Nation